Adeptus Astra Arcana

The grand mage guild of Khyber Mundi, this institution is vital in realising the vision of Khyber Mundi, educating a large percentage of the imperial population, and integrating arcane processes in everyday life. The Adeptus Astra Arcana and the Adeptus Mechanicus have close ties, each year at the Grand Imperial Tournament, there are numerous competetions where the adepts of both organisations compete.

Travelling and foreign spellcasters are required by law to apply for a guest membership, and registrate in guildhalls.

All children in the Empire of Khyber Mundi, must be assessed within their 7’th year.

For the moment the seat of Archmage is held by the young elf; Crocacia, who is also a founding member of “Champions of Khyber Mundi”.

Adeptus Astra Arcana

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