Kingmaker : Champions of Khyber Mundi

The Story so Far

As foreseen by mighty Pulsarion, what would eventually become the Champions of Khyber Mundi assembled at Oleg’s Trading Post.
From here they rode out and dispensed justice, with zeal.
Evetually the Stag Lord was defeated, and all the Stolen Lands shook with the changes about to come.
Supreme & Divine Emperor Pulsarion, 1’st of his name & Meliasne the Nixie Empress took up residence along with the champions in the Stag Lord’s fort, here they slowly rebuild according to Pulsarion’s visions of the ancient past and future.
The land and people had been aching for thousands of years, at last the messiah has arrived at given people the land of Khyber Mundi.

The Capitol of Pulsariopolis has enjoyed hectic expansion, as is befitting an Imperial Capitol, recently it filled out the first city grid.

Enterprising nobles have come to build a town, called Tzatzelford, however this was not to be, and his divinity Pulsarion I renamed it Tzatzel Kush which is clearly a more harmonic name.

To the north Oleg’s post still stand, it is now the military outpost of Olegistan, and there have been rumours that Pulsarion seeks to build up a Olegistan as a mighty fortress, protecting Khyber Mundi from the north.


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