Items 19k worth optimization power™
Lesser Wand of Persistence 3k
hat of disguise 1,8k
Charisma enhance 4k
griffon 10 k

Flute of Building 13k


Recovered from a small raft as a baby by the halfling Hakton Tuna. He was given the name Mamses (riverboon) and grew up in an uncertain area of the Stolen Lands.
From the start it is clear that the boy from the river is no ordinary halfing infant, eerie sounds and mishaps accompanied him, and he took on the mantle of village prophet by the tender and yet auspicious age of 7.

When the stars aligned, and the galactic equinox drew near, Mamses ventured out onto a mountain, on it he meditated for days, and when he came down the stars had revealed his divine name; Pulsarion and his purpose; to reforge the Stolen Lands into what was lost milleniae ago, to remake a civilisation which has crumbled to dust.
The time of harvesting was nigh, the signs of the dancing bear and the chubby elven harlot could be read from sundown till sunrise, and even sometimes when staring into the midday sun.
Pulsarion ventured from the sacred mountain, following mystic geomantic lines to the northen reaches of the Stolen Lands, and by chance stumbling upon Oleg’s trading post, where the food and ale was very good. As this was providence he stayed as long as he could.


Kingmaker : Champions of Khyber Mundi Pulsarion